Servihabitat | Case 1

About Servihabitat

Asset manager of reference in the Spanish market, they provide management services for corporate, mortgage, and promoter credit portfolios, as well as real estate assets.

Headquartered near Barcelona, it has around 750 employees, distributed throughout Spain, with offices in many of the main cities.

Starting point

In the Financial Assets Operations area, there was a need to automate the management of the area's operations, as well as the generation of reports consolidating all the information.

The starting point that we found is that of an operation divided into independent phases on which it is difficult to follow the trace, since the management of service requests is totally isolated between the different phases or internal processes.


With the mission of being able to unify all the information generated in the Financial Assets Operations area, we have designed and developed a Data Warehouse where the different phases or processes of the daily operations are consolidated, in addition to guaranteeing the traceability of the service requests throughout their passage through each of the phases/processes.

In addition, a validation system has been designed to guarantee the quality of the data, since, in some cases, it is filled in manually by the operators.

Finally, a series of reports have been developed together with the management team of the area to facilitate the control of the operation and thus, to be able to detect incidents in the management in an agile and immediate way.


With this development, the Financial Assets Operations area has a control system for daily operations where macro and micro level reports are available on a regular and frequent basis, which detect incidents or deficits very quickly, being able to redirect the situation in time.

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