Web Applications

Current situation

  • Do you use Excel sheets to enter important company data?
  • Are they stored on file servers or network folders with shared access?
  • Are these Excel files used by several people in the company?


EXCEL is a tool that should only be used to analyze data in case your needs are so basic that you don't need a real Business Intelligence system. But it should NEVER be used for data entry in a company.

We could say the same about ACCESS.

And if you still use "pencil and paper" in any of your company's processes, you can't waste a second more.


Digital Transformation, which has ceased to be a competitive advantage to become a must-have, can be applied in many ways.

One of the most important is to improve your company's data entry systems, replacing the current tools with Web Applications.

Advantages of using a Web Application

Power: A web application allows you to design much more flexible data entry screens, adaptable to your needs, with complex actions on the data, aesthetically better.

Simultaneity: Several users will be able to work at the same time without any issue, avoiding problems of blocking or damage to the physical file containing the information.

Mobility: Access the application through a web browser, with a URL, from the office, your home, the subway, your place of vacation. From anywhere.

Integration: Store data directly in a company database, which facilitates the integration of this data in other information systems of the company, for example, a Business Intelligence system or an ERP or CRM.

Security: Each person is identified with a username and password and, in addition, each change in the data can have a record of who made it and when.

Web tools used in Mistral

Power Apps

Power Apps (Microsoft): Although they have a small licensing cost (see here), it brings the great advantage of being part of the Microsoft products’ family, which is so widespread in all companies.

power apps


APEX (Oracle): With the support of another of the world's major companies, APEX has a free license with full functionality, web server included in the product and a storage capacity sufficient for 99% of companies.


If your company is still using old and insecure methods for entering important data, it's time to make the change, before it's too late.

If you think that Mistral can be your partner to accompany you on the road to digital transformation, just contact us; we will be happy to help you to be better.

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