Business Intelligence

We are experts in Business Intelligence. We make complex projects that require their creation from scratch or modification of Data Warehouse. We also develop more simple ones where this element is not necessary and the dashboards load the data directly from data sources such as ERP, CRM or files like Excel. In Study Cases you may see some Business Intelligence projects which we have deployed.

Companies that use data-driven decision making were, on average 5% more productive and 6% more profitable than their competitors, according to a MIT survey.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence is the ability to transform the data generated by companies into useful information in order to make fast decisions which are based on updated data. The process includes from the collection and cleaning of the data, to the visualization of the data with specialized tools.

This technology is a central pillar in the digital transformation, as it gives companies the opportunity to learn about their situation with quality data allowing them to optimize their processes. The final result is dashboards that graphically show the relevant information and KPIs of each department of the company.

dashboard business intelligence

Advantages of using BI

Nowadays, every company, regardless of size or activity, generate a large amount of data. In general, many of these data are not usually given importance, but they often hide vital information for the company that if analyzed correctly. it can mean a competitive advantage.

Some of the purposes of using Business Intelligence are:

To make decisions based on updated quality data.
To discover patterns and new business opportunities
To transform your data into a competitive advantage
To save all your data in the same place
To become a data-driven company

Process of a Business Intelligence project

The first thing is to make the right questions to understand what we want to find.
We recollect the raw data of the company from different databases.
Once we have the databases, we clean all data and save all in the same storage.
Time to transform data into knowledge. Here we answer the initial questions.
We graphically represent the information in dashboards and KPIs.

BI software

At Mistral we have a very large team of Business Intelligence analysts who have participated in very different projects developed with different tools. For data analysis and visualization we highlight Power BI, Qlik Sense, QlikView, Tableau, Google Data Studio, AWS Quicksight, or OBIEE among others. Thanks to the size of our team, we can work with the tools that best suit the project we are carrying out without being tied to one in particular.

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