Grupo Rafael Gonzalez

About Grupo Rafael González and Végola

Végola is the canned vegetable food products division of the Rafael González Group. Behind it, more than 60 years working with industrial partners and more than 30 years working with the world's leading retailers and their own brands.

Together with the other company of the group, Riverfresh, the group is dedicated to the production of healthy, nutritious, and sustainable foods that come from world agriculture and the rivers of our country.

Starting point

Grupo Rafael González identified the need for a dashboard platform that would allow them to integrate the information from their operating systems (ERP, plant software and internal management Excels) and automate the visualization of the information so that the efforts of those in charge would be focused on analyzing instead of compiling and elaborating.


The project is approached by departments, delivering the scorecards to the different areas as they are developed.

The system consists of a data warehouse, with processes of extraction, loading and modeling of information and a scorecard by department, plus an additional one for the Management area. The latter brings together all the information, giving an overview of the different areas, objectives, and indicators of interest to the company's management.


Thanks to this project, all departments have a dashboard according to their information needs, which has significantly improved the knowledge of what is happening in the company and the decision-making process.
After the initial project, an important milestone for the company began: the integration of information from other countries.

This, together with the evolutionary maintenance of the existing dashboards, to keep them updated according to the company's changing information analysis needs.


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