Servihabitat | Case 2

About Servihabitat

Servihabitat is a Spanish company dedicated to the management of real estate assets, offering a wide range of services ranging from the marketing and sale of homes and commercial premises to rental management, property management and asset valuation. With more than 30 years of experience, it has become one of the leading companies in the sector in Spain.

Starting point

The integration of real estate assets from financial institutions and other organizations into Servihabitat's portfolio is a critical aspect of the information migration process, as it is important to ensure interoperability and the proper flow of data between the different systems involved.


In order to unify the information coming from different sources, we have developed a series of procedures to ensure the consolidation of the real estate assets in Servihabitat's portfolio.

Firstly, we have identified the data to be migrated and defined the target structures and format. Secondly, an evaluation and cleaning of the data has been carried out to correct errors, inconsistencies, and duplicity, with the aim of making the data accurate and reliable.

Finally, after data loading, extensive testing has been performed to verify the integrity and quality of the migrated data, ensuring that the information has been transferred correctly, that important data has not been lost and that the relationships between the data are maintained.


With real estate assets from other entities already migrated and consolidated, valuable and usable information has been achieved that will help in decision making, identification of opportunities and will also improve the organization's performance and control of the business along with a commercial approach.

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