About Goldcar

With over 30 years of experience, one of the foremost rent a car company in Europe is Goldcar. They currently have more than 105 car offices located in Europe’s main airports, offering more than 50.000 vehicles.

Starting point

Due to countless daily petitions, the company generates a large amount of data which come from different sources.


We have developed predictive algorithms in order to discover hidden patterns, and which has been used to optimize vehicle occupancy, fleet management and product recommendation.

We also applied Big Data technologies in order to be able to analyze the Goldcar's website traffic data, as it receives millions of requests per day. Once we were able to work with the data, we deployed a dashboard so Goldcar could know how the number of request vary and adapt the prices to the demand.


With the algorithm implementation, Goldcar is now capable of anticipating next year’s fleet occupation with a success rate over 90%.

Caso de éxito - Goldcar

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