About Europcar Mobility Group

Leading European car rental company, founded in 1949 and based in Paris. The group's four main brands are Europcar, Goldcar, InterRent, and Ubeeqo, and it currently has more than 5 million customers worldwide, with a presence in more than 140 countries. The group anticipates that more than 1/3 of its fleet will be made up of electric or hybrid vehicles by 2023.

Starting point

According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data considered sensitive (e.g., personal data) must be deleted after a certain period, depending on the country where the rental takes place.


To comply with the GDPR, we have developed a series of database procedures that review, on the one hand, if the different customers are candidates for anonymizing all their data considered sensitive information and, on the other hand, the execution of the anonymization.

These procedures are executed in various environments so that all information, regardless of its scope, is correctly anonymized.


With the implementation of the procedures, Europcar has a periodic process that anonymizes sensitive information so that the GDPR is complied with.


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